Fourth Friday is a poetry and music event  held at the  Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden. It takes place at 8pm on the fourth (not necessarily the last) Friday of every month except August and December. We feature booked poets, singers, songwriters and musicians, known and not so known, as well as voices from the floor.

Fourth Friday is hosted by Hylda Sims. Hylda is a poet, novelist and songwriter with a track record for organising live poetry and music events at the Poetry Cafe and elsewhere. http://hyldasims.wordpress.com.

Fourth Friday is in its twelfth  successful year.


1 Response to About

  1. Kingsley Hutchinson says:

    Dear Hilda,

    Would love to perform at your event this Friday 25th. Any spaces left? Regards,

    Bard of Solace.

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