8pm, January 23rd, 2015 with Maggie Butt, Steve Pottinger, music from Dave Ellis & Boo Howard £7/£5

maggieMaggie Butt’s  poetry is widely published in international magazines is on the internet, used in choreography, BBC Radio 4, readings, festivals, and schools. Her books include a historical collage of poems, photos, paintings and extracts from memoirs and letters. and four poetry collections: Quintana Roo, Acumen Publications, 2003; her first full collection, LipstickGreenwich Exchange, 2007; Petite, Hearing Eye, 2010; Ally Pally Prison Camp, the story of 3,000 civilians imprisoned at Alexandra Palace during the First World War, Oversteps Books, 2011.

pottingeThat Steve Pottinger has a strong poetic voice is never in doubt, but that he infuses his work with a warm, thoughtful sensibility may be a pleasant surprise to those who have only seen his electrifying stage performances  – he is a compassionate and observant writer fully engaged in the human struggle, Steve’s poetry is a valuable thing…

EllisHowardPic6Dave Ellis & Boo Howard, elegant singer songwriters and musicians join us, as they often do, for the first Fourth Friday of the year: great songs, great playing.


And, as always, those fine voices from the floor.

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