Next fourth friday, 28th November, we consider pacifism in WW1: singer songwriter Leon Rosselson ; poets Jenny Lewis, Alan Brownjohn, Anna Robinson; singers Krysia Mansfied, Dan Kennedy

leon rosselsonNovember 28thThe World is my Country. One key aspect of the First World War receiving little or no attention in this year’s commemorations is the history of the people and organisations that opposed it. We offer new insights on World War One and its objectors with poems and songs commissioned by Peace News and introduced by PN’s Emily Johns.  In addition, there’ll be great anti-war songs and more from acclaimed singer songwriter Leon Rosselson.       Jenny Lewis will be reading from her collection, Taking Mesopotamia, published this year by Carcanet and inspired by her search for her lost father—who led his troops  across the desert by starlight in the ill-fated Mesopotamian campaign of World War One and died in the Second World War when Jenny was a few months old. Jenny Lewis (below) trained as a painter at the Ruskin School of Art before reading English at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. She has published three collections of poetry as well as two pamphlets with the Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh.  She teaches poetry at Oxford University. ‘Taking Mesopotamia in one slim volume mines a rich seam from the Epic of Gilgamesh via Welsh mining communities and the First World War to the most recent Iraq wars.’  (Poetry Society)

Jenny Lewis by Ben Prestney (2)

Items from the floor, especially on themes of peace and war, welcomed.

No fourth friday in December.   January 23rd, 2015: Steve Pottinger, Maggie Butt, Dave Ellis & Boo Howard  + voices from the floor – watch this space…



October 24th – Alfred Todd launches his pamphlet, Notes – While Treading Water; John Foreman, the famous ‘Broadsheet King’ does music hall and more; Balabustah! two great musicians – Dov on fiddle, Chris on accordion – play klezmer and morebalabustah… and more from the floor…                               More… more… more… always more…







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