Next Fourth Friday May 23rd – Liz Simcock & band + poetry from John Harvey, Alan Murray & Ray Harper


liz simcockellishowardpic6Liz Simcock  is a singer songwriter of great skill and talent. She will be accompanied by ace musicians/singers Dave Ellis and Boo Howard. More about Liz on :

John Harvey, best known for his crime fiction (Charlie John HarveyResnick series) was also the silence-John H bookpublisher of Slow Dancer Press for 2 decades. John Harvey’s own poetry has for too long taken a back seat. Out of Silence, his first collection for 16 years brings together work from 2 previous collections and new work showing a fascinating development in depth and form.

Alan MurrayAlan Murray has spent much of his adult life studying and teaching philosophy. His poetry has won competitions and been published in magazines and anthologies. His debut pamphlet, Perhaps, came out last year, published by Acumen. He lives in Enfield.

Ray HarperIn 2007 Ray Harper cajoled The Wife into letting him eschew further paid employment. He sold a van and studied for an undergraduate degree in humanities and philosophy. It was like running back to check that he hadn’t left the gas on. Of course he hadn’t. Now he makes bread and poems with equal reluctance, his strategy of assuaging The Wife’s anxieties over their future by being rather good at Argentine tango is wearing thin.




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