Fourth Friday September 28th

Poetry from Smokestack poets Victoria Bean, Brian Docherty, Owen Gallagher and Australian poet Andy Kissane.  Music from Doc Stenson & Pete Burke.

Smokestack is an independent publisher of radical and unconventional poetry run by Andy Croft.  It champions poets who are unfashionable, left-field or working a long way from the metropolitan centre of cultural authority. Smokestack has published over 50 books since 2004.


Owen Gallagher’s first poetry collection was called Sat Guru Snowman published by Peterloo Poets.  His second collection is Tea with the Taliban published in 2012 by Smokestack Books.  A Good Enough Love, is due out later this year from Salmon Poetry Ireland.


Doc Stenson & Pete Burke have their musical roots in the country and city blues and jazz of the 1930’s and 1940’s, old Appalachian mountain songs and dust bowl ballads. These are blended with Celtic and European folk influences in their own compositions.  Along their musical paths they met, played with and learnt from masters like Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Lowell Fulson, Simon Prager, Steve Phillips and the late Jo Ann Kelly, but these and a host of vinyl influences, including Merle Travis, Lonnie Johnson, Doc Watson and Little Walter have long been absorbed into their own musical voices.  They have played at clubs, festivals and undertaken broadcasts for many years in Europe.

“Excellent acoustic fare from harmonica/guitar man Kevin Stenson and slide man
Pete Burke, embracing blues, Appalachian songs and dust bowl ballads.” Time Out

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