Fourth Friday October 28th

Poetry from Jehane Markham and Jeremy Kingston.  Music from Leon Rosselson.

Jehane Markham is a poet, lyricist and playwright.  She has enjoyed reading her work to audiences for many years.  Partially trained as a painter, her written work is closely connected to the world of images, but emotional intelligence is what drives her work on to a further dimension.  She wrote the libretto for On the Rim of the World, composer Orlando Gough, a ROH commission, rolling across the national opera houses of Great Britain between 2009 -2011.  Book and libretto for Hermes, composer Pete Letanka, Rosemary Branch Theatre, 2006.  The Jehane Markham Trio, have played at Salthouse Festival, the Ledbury Poetry Festival, The Aldeburgh Fringe Festival, Freeword Centre, Keats House and Pushkin House and more.

Jeremy Kingston is a theatre critic on The Times and was previously the theatre critic on the old Punch for 11 years.  He has written novels, children’s books and two West End plays. He wrote Oedipus at the Crossroads because he wondered how it came about that Oedipus, presumably not wanting to kill his father and marry his mother, did precisely that within a few days. Jeremy felt around for a different explanation.  His first play, No Concern of Mine (with John Fraser and Alan Dobie) was at the Westminster Theatre. Signs of the Times with Kenneth More and Liza Goddard ran at the Vaudeville Theatre for six months.

Leon Rossleson has been at the forefront of songwriting in Britain for over 50 years. His songs range from the lyrical to the satirical, from the personal to the political, from the humorous to the poignant. Tim McGuire, Whoever Invented the Fishfinger, Don’t Get Married, Girls, Stand up for Judas, My Father’s Jewish World, The World Turned Upside Down – no other British songwriter has written so many finely crafted songs over so many years, covering such diverse subjects and using such a variety of forms.

A 4 CD box set, 72 songs, 5 hours of music, covering 5 decades of songwriting, with an 80 page booklet containing copious notes on the personal and political backgrounds to the songs, has just been released on Fuse Records. Distributed by Proper Music Distribution. This will be its launch.

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